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Lead Frame
Product Introduction

As the chip carrier of an integrated circuit, the lead frame is a key structural part to realize the electrical connection between a leading-out end of the internal circuit of the chip and an external lead by means of bonding material (gold wire, aluminum wire and copper wire) and forms an electrical loop, which plays the role of bridge connection with the external lead.The lead frame is necessary in most of integrated blocks of a semiconductor , and so the lead frame  is an important basic material in electronic information industry.

Product Category

There are SOP, SSOP, TSSOP, QFP, QFN, DFN, etc. It is mainly produced by chemical etching. The raw materials used for the lead frame are: KFC, C194, C7025, FeNi42, TAMAC-15, PMC-90 and the like. Material selection is based on the required performance of the product (strength, electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity).

Product Performance

The self-developed, large-size, high-density, and ultra-thin etching lead frame uses the three processes of self-developed micro-etching, electroplating roughening, and brown oxidation by the company to meet the industry's current and future high reliability needs of products, wherein the reliability level can reach MSL.1. Product can be applied in more fields.  

Product Application

IC lead frame, as a carrier of chip, is widely used in 4C industrial field, computers and peripheral products of the computer, telephones, televisions, PCM, optical terminals, servers, monitoring facilities, automobile electronics, consumer electronics, etc., It is updated very fast and the market demand is increasing year by year.