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Hongfeng is providing customers with a full range of solutions in the field of new alloy functional composite material
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Copper-aluminum Clad Metals
Cu/Al Clad Matels

This material is mainly applied to new energy, electric power and other fields to solve the problem of connecting copper and aluminum materials. Compared with traditional friction welding, ultrasonic welding, laser welding and other means, it has a more reliable performance in bonding strength of materials.

Semiconducting Material
Lead Frame

As the chip carrier of an integrated circuit, the lead frame is a key structural part to realize the electrical connection between a leading-out end of the internal circuit of the chip and an external lead by means of bonding material...

Copper Steel Clad Metals
Ultra-thin Cu/SS Clad Metals for
Vapor Chamber

Ultra-thin Composites for Vapor Chamber: Vapor Chamber (VC) is a kind of new efficient heat dissipation product designed for integration, thinness and high performance in 5G field, and it can realize fast heat conduction and fast heat expansion functions.

Silver Copper Clad Metals
Cu/Ag/Cu Thin-strip with
Lateral Cladding

Commonly known as fuse plate, the material made by side composite technology is horizontally spaced silver and copper. Copper is used instead of silver in the non-functional area to satisfy the role of electrical conduction, and silver is used as a melt in the functional area to save the number of precious metals.

Electrical Contact Materials

The evolution of human civilization is marked by the use of materials. The advent and application of a new material often lead to major changes in human society. The development and use of electrical contact materials drive human civilization into the era of electricity and intelligence. In the form of key electrical components in the fields of new energy power, intelligence, and smart transportation, electrical contact materials are responsible for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy, as well as the protection and control of electrical appliances. The performance of the electrical contact material is directly related to the stability and reliability of a circuit system. In response to higher requirements put forward by the integrated development of new technology and intelligent manufacturing on the comprehensive performance of materials, Hongfeng combined multi-level microstructure control with rare earth doping, interface modification, and other technologies, to realize the wide application of related materials in the fields of strong electricity, weak electricity, temperature control, and sensing.

Metal-matrix Engineered Composite Materials

With the development of science and technology, diversified demands on material properties have emerged. Different from single metal materials, metal-based functional composite materials have the potential to integrate the excellent properties of various constituent materials, and have a “synergy effect” while keeping the properties of each constituent metal or alloy, which renders more optimal performance and unique functional advantages. As an innovatively structured functional composite material that can save resources and improve material performance, such materials meet the requirements of sustainable development and helps to achieve “carbon peak” and “carbon neutrality”, with broad application prospects.

Cemented Carbide

Cemented carbide materials are known as “industrial teeth” for their excellent properties such as high hardness, high wear resistance, high strength, good toughness, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance. Hongfeng has realized ceramic interface metallization through material structure optimization and rare earth doping modification, committed to the high precision and long service life of cemented carbide materials in the fields of automobile and parts production, electronic information component processing, mold manufacturing, and aerospace material processing.

Copper Foil for Lithium Ion Battery

With the rapid development of the new energy industry, higher requirements for energy density, materials, and performance of batteries have emerged. Lithium batteries with high energy density and high safety have become a major trend. Because of good electrical conductivity, flexibility, moderate potential, and resistance to winding and rolling, copper foils are widely used in anode current collectors of lithium-ion batteries and serve to gather electric currents generated by the active substance of a battery, so as to generate an output current. Through technological and process innovation, Hongfeng aspires to produce a copper foil for use in lithium batteries that features an ultra-thin thickness, high tensile strength, and high elongation performance, so as to develop a superior copper foil for use in lithium batteries.

Lead Frame

As the chip carrier of an integrated circuit, the lead frame is a key structural part to realize the electrical connection between a leading-out end of the internal circuit of the chip and an external lead by means of bonding material (gold wire, aluminum wire and copper wire) and forms an electrical loop, which plays the role of bridge connection with the external lead.The lead frame is necessary in most of integrated blocks of a semiconductor, and so the lead frame is an important basic material in electronic information industry.

Intelligent Equipment

Centering on the integration of industrial chains, the Company actively expands the automatic processing capacity, independently develops intelligent equipment, realizes digital intelligent manufacturing of material processing and material application through material scheme design, improves the consistency and stability of product quality, saves energy and reduces carbon, and promotes high-quality development. According to the processing characteristics of industry products, the Company develops customized intelligent equipment such as combined molds and integrated punching and welding production lines to realize remote digital management and control.