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Cu/Ag/Cu Thin-strip with Lateral Cladding
Product Introduction

Commonly known as fuse plate, the material made by side composite technology is horizontally spaced silver and copper. Copper is used instead of silver in the non-functional area to satisfy the role of electrical conduction, and silver is used as a melt in the functional area to save the number of precious metals. When the current is overloaded, the melt position (silver) is fusible, which can protect the circuit timely and effectively.

Product Advantages
Precise positioning of silver layer
Solid and reliable bonding
Save precious metals
Flexible and adjustable number of silver-copper composites
Schematic View


Note: The middle layer is Ag, and both lateral side are copper

Product Application
The product is mainly used in new energy vehicles, industrial electrical appliances, high and low voltage power distribution system and other fields.