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To build a safety “firewall”, Wenzhou Hongfeng launched the 2022 annual fire drill
Release time:2022.11.24

On the afternoon of November 23, Wenzhou Hongfeng and Dongtou District Fire Rescue Brigade jointly carried out the 2022 fire drill. More than 900 people, including some executive officers, department heads, and all the employees, participated in the training and drill. The chief director of the drill was Zhou Qingqing, a board officer of Hongfeng.


Before the drill, Mr. Qiao, the head of Dongtou District Fire Rescue Brigade, held a training on fire safety in the auditorium of the company, and gave a wonderful and vivid “fire safety” lecture to all present.

In the drill, it was simulated that the auditorium of the company caught fire due to an electrical failure, and the fire spread, igniting flammable items in the auditorium and causing a conflagration. During the drill, after the alarm was sounded, guided by the on-site facilitators, the employees were quickly evacuated from the fire scene through five safety exits of the auditorium and gathered at a safe assembly site near the company’s south gate after they ran out in three arrays. At the same time, a rescue team rushed to the fire with a dry powder fire extinguisher, attempting to put out the fire in its early stage, and someone called 119. Finally, the fire was successfully put out.

After the employees were assembled and their number was counted, Zhou Qingqing, the chief director, announced the start of the fire drill. The drill further included training on the use, steps of getting ready with and precautions of the dry powder fire extinguisher and the fire hose, and then some employees practiced with dry powder fire extinguishers and fire hoses; in addition, the fire brigade explained the basics of firefighting.

At last, Zhou Qingqing, the chief director, made a concluding speech. He pointed out that this fire safety training and fire drill combined theory and practice effectively. The participating employees basically mastered the use of fire hoses and fire extinguishers, which improved their fire safety awareness, as well as disaster prevention and self-rescue skills. He hoped that everyone would keep in mind fire safety in their future work and life.