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Wenzhou Hongfeng won the honorary title of “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise” in 2022
Release time:2022.10.31

Recently, the China National Intellectual Property Administration released the list of 2022 National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprises and Demonstration Enterprises. Wenzhou Hongfeng Electrical Alloy Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise” by virtue of its R&D innovation and intellectual property management strength. This honorary title is a major achievement of Hongfeng’s continuous investment in intellectual property, and also a high affirmation of Hongfeng’s intellectual property performance by national, provincial, and municipal intellectual property authorities. This is another honor that Hongfeng has won in the field of intellectual property since it was recognized as a “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise” in 2018.

It is reported that “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise” is the highest honor bestowed by the state on the creation, application, protection and management of the intellectual property of enterprises, and the best possible recognition of the state as to the management of the intellectual property of enterprises.

In recent years, Wenzhou Hongfeng has never relaxed in scientific and technological innovation. Hongfeng attaches great importance to intellectual property, keeps on the fastest track of implementing an innovation-driven development strategy, and makes continuous efforts to improve its intellectual property management system. Hongfeng is built into an intellectual property demonstration through multiple channels and measures; in the meantime, the intellectual property management capability is improved, and the intellectual property rewarding policy is fully implemented, so as to promote the orderly development of intellectual property work. Hongfeng people will continue to work hard, step forward hand in hand, and strive to become a company with strong competitiveness in intellectual property, thus winning new achievements.