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Copper Foil for Lithium Ion Battery
Product Introduction

Lithium copper foil for lithium ion battery is the optimal base materials currently used for manufacturing lithium-ion battery negative collector plates, their main roles in batteries are carriers of negative active materials and pooled transmission current. The copper foil performance has a great impact on energy density, cycle life and safety of lithium-ion batteries. Doulbe-sided extremely thin copper foil for lithium ion battery produced by the Hongfeng have excellent performance in thickness, tensile strength, elongation rate, surface properties, etc., and are very suitable for power lithium-ion batteries with higher manufacturing energy density requirements.

Product Category

Main products include 4-6μm double S extremely thin copper foil for lithium ion battery and 8-10μm double S light ultrathin copper foil for lithium ion battery.

Product Performance

Through continuous technological accumulation, Honefeng has formed multiple series of additive formula systems, which can provide customers with various kinds of copper foil products with different physical properties and can develop customized copper foil products with special surface profile according to customer demands.

The unit area mass range
the elongation rate
33-55Kgf/mm 2 (RT)
the tensile strength
Product Application

The product is widely used in power lithium-ion batteries, new energy vehicles, photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, 3C digital, mobile power, charging pile and other fields.