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Electrical Contact Materials
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The evolution of human civilization is marked by the use of materials. The advent and application of a new material often lead to major changes in human society. The development and use of electrical contact materials drive human civilization into the era of electricity and intelligence. In the form of key electrical components in the fields of new energy power, intelligence, and smart transportation, electrical contact materials are responsible for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy, as well as the protection and control of electrical appliances. The performance of the electrical contact material is directly related to the stability and reliability of a circuit system. In response to higher requirements put forward by the integrated development of new technology and intelligent manufacturing on the comprehensive performance of materials, Hongfeng combined multi-level microstructure control with rare earth doping, interface modification, and other technologies, to realize the wide application of related materials in the fields of strong electricity, weak electricity, temperature control, and sensing.

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Powder-type Electrical Contact Materials
Alloy-type Electrical Contact Materials
Rivet-type Electrical Contact Materials
Assembly-type Electrical Contact Materials
Welding Auxiliary Materials