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Carry out energy saving and emission reduction for the sustainable development of enterprises and society

Hongfeng has implemented the concepts of energy-saving and emission reduction, focusing on energy saving. Actively taking environmental coordination into account has promoted sustainable development between the enterprise and society.

Green Energy

With an object of “carbon peak and carbon neutrality”, Hongfeng has accelerated the pace of transformation towards green and intelligent manufacturing. To this end, Hongfeng adopts a technical route of combining the energy storage management system with the green energy generated from photovoltaic power and takes intelligent equipment to reduce carbon for continuous upgrading and transformation, so as to promote the green and low-carbon development of the company.

Environmental Protection Treatment Center

Holding the belief that “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, Hongfeng takes environmental protection as the top priority, fully weighs its own development needs against the environmental capacity, and makes reasonable choices in extending its industrial chain, in an effort to coordinate project construction and environmental protection and align economic growth with ecological soundness. The investment of Hongfeng in the treatment of waste gas, waste water and industrial residue exceeds CNY 50 million, and a complete environmental protection management and governance system is built. Hongfeng will continue to increase its investment in environmental protection, adjust environmental protection indicators, and strive to make progress in environmental protection.

Treatment of Five Water Issues

Hongfeng has vigorously responded to the call of “Handling of Five Water issues” (sewage, flooding, drainage, water supply and saving water) and participated in the fund-raising for “treatment of five water related issues” and “charity day” to make positive contributions to environmental governance.