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Ultra-thin Cu/SS Clad Metals for Vapor Chamber
Product Introduction

Vapor Chamber (VC) is a kind of new efficient heat dissipation product designed for integration, thinness and high performance in 5G field, and it can realize fast heat conduction and fast heat expansion functions.

Ultra-thin SS/Cu clad metals used for VC developed by the Company are compounded by 316L stainless steel and Cu in a layered solid phase with flat plate cut, consistent and steady physical property and precise and controllable thickness ratio relation. The thickness tolerance can be controlled at a micron order, which can be used for manufacturing of high-strength ultra-thin VC.

Product Dimension

Ultra-thin SS/Cu clad metals can have different thickness structures and forms on the basis of customer processing demands:

For ultra-thin SS/Cu clad metals used for etching process, its thickness ratio of copper layer will be large (used for etching capillary channel). The thickness of stainless steel layer is generally 0.05mm, and the ordinary overall thicknesses are 0.12mm, 0.25mm, etc.For ultra-thin SS/Cu clad metals used for punching process, the thickness of copper layer is generally 0.015mm, and the ordinary overall thicknesses are 0.05mm, 0.06mm, 0.08mm, etc.