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Ag/Cu Clad Metals
Product Introduction

1. Silver-copper inlay clad metals

Silver-copper inlay clad metals are silvers or silver alloys inlaid in local position on the copper and copper alloy matrix and satisfy the purpose of saving previous metals under the premise of meeting performance requirements. It can be single-side inlay and front and back inlay; It can be single or multiple inlays, and its structural form can be adjusted according to specific demands.


2. Silver-copper overlay clad metals

Silver-copper overlay clad metals are materials that can be compounded to meet the welding performance requirements on the other side conditionally taking copper and copper alloy as the matrix and the silver or silver alloy corresponding to surface composite as the conductive contact layer. The other surface can composite materials that meet the welding performance requirements conditionally, such as iron, stainless steel, etc., and reach the purpose of saving precious metals and facilitating welding. Its structure form is generally two or three layers.


Product Advantages
Precise positioning of silver-copper inlay clad strips.
Save the use of precious metals
Make design adjustments such as texture, ratio, etc. according to different customer application requirements.
Product Materials

Contact layer: Ag, AgNi, AgCdO, AgSnO2 etc.

Base layer: red copper, brass, BZn, QSn, Fe-based materials etc.

welding layer: Fe, stainless steel, CuNi etc.

Product Forms

This product can be supplied in the form of coil or stamping parts.


The product is widely applied in low-voltage apparatus, wall switch, protectors, thermostat and other electronics.