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Thermostat Bimetal
Product Introduction

Thermostat bimetal is composed of two or more metals or alloys with different expansion coefficients and has functional composites change in shape with temperature, wherein the alloy layer with larger expansion coefficient is called active layer, while the alloy layer with smaller expansion coefficient is called passive layer. An intermediate layer that plays the role of adjusting resistance can be added between the active layer and the passive layer. With its heating bending features, it can realize temperature indicator, temperature control, temperature compensation, overload protection, delay control and other functions.

Product Advantages
Shape changes with temperature
Memory function
Temperature sensing
Overheating and overcurrent protection
Product Materials




Conventional Mark and Performance

This product is generally supplied in the form of coil or stamping parts. There are multiple marks, dimensions and specifications that can be provided by the Company, and the application demands under different currents or temperatures can be satisfied. Some marks and performance references are as follows:


 Note: more information please refer to the detailed brochure or GB/T 4461.

Product Application

The product is widely applied in industrial appliances, smart homes, temperature sensors and protectors, automobiles and other fields.