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Product Introduction

It is a kind of clad metals  taking low-carbon steel as the base material and formed by cladding with copper material in two or one side. It does not only have the high electrical and thermal conductivity of copper, but also have the high strength, high toughness and low cost features of steel. By adjusting the thickness ratio of copper layer, materials with various resistivities can be obtained, which is a good substitute for some coppers, brasses and other materials. Compared with iron plated copper material, this material has stable multilayer (copper layer) performance, and the thickness of the multilayer is uniform and controllable.

Product Advantages
Performance advantages of copper and steel.
Good bonding strength, compactness and wear-resistance.
Low resistivity, controllable and adjustable.
Current skin effect, better temperature rise performance.
Product Application

The product is widely applied in industrial appliances, decorations, automobiles, military products and other fields.